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2020 FoundatioN RIDES – Enter NOW

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Due to the current restrictions we are living with the Foundation Rides is not restricted to riding, we want you to challenge yourself and help others. Over the past 2 years, the Up and Under Foundation provided financial assistance which directly influenced over 400 peoples’ lives. To do this we spent nearly £16,000. If we are to continue to have this positive impact on our community we need your help. So challenge yourself, have some fun and raise some money to help those less fortunate.

Do something special in June 2020

The Foundation Rides 2020 is a month-long challenge event. Here’s the fun part; you choose the challenge.

Whether you choose to ride 10 miles, learn to juggle or improve your ‘keepy-uppy’ score it’s up to you. So what are you going to do? For kids how about learning your times table or baking a cake? Have a ‘bet’ with yourself that you can achieve something or better still get your friends involved, get them to cough up if you achieve your goal.

How will it work?  Everyone needs to register (link to entry form in menu above).  All people registered will receive a certificate to recognise their efforts.  When you have entered you will be invited to join the exclusive event Facebook Group where you can share your experiences, photos and stories, there are likely to be some group rides too.

We are running this event to raise money to help disadvantaged young people, so if you raise more than £30 (a pound a day!) you will qualify to receive a custom Foundation Rides medal.  We will also be awarding prizes for the most amazing challenge, so get thinking.

Why support the Foundation Rides?

We provide financial support to youngsters who would otherwise be excluded from a range of activities. These activities foster development of confidence and other important life skills. For some kids we are their last and only hope of not missing out.
The trustees of this charity take no expenses or remuneration so that all the money we raise can be used to make a difference.
The youngsters we are supporting come from your community, we are helping them to grow and make better lives.

We recognise that everyone is dealing with different rules/guidelines and personal constraints. Most importantly we want you to keep you and your families safe. Only take on a challenge that meets your own circumstances and follow the health and legal guidance that is appropriate in your location. If you are unsure about taking on a physical challenge speak to your doctor.

If you want to see more about what we do here’s a link to our 2019 review

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