But I’m already a cyclist


Club or regular cyclist?

So how can you get involved? I know nobody is going to sponsor you to go for a bike ride, it is what you do.  So here are some ideas to spice up your riding and impress your mates:

Sportive in France

Enter a race for the first time, there are lots of local races organised by clubs, road racing can be exhilarating, if you don’t fancy the road look out for races on circuits like the ones at Oulton Park.
Ride a time trial, if you’ve never tried it, you’ll be surprised how exhausting (and addictive) riding 10 miles can be.
Do triathlon, see if your legs can cope with the transition from cycling to running, there is great camaraderie on these events, and you get a swim thrown in as a bonus.
Do a tour, even with a lightweight road bike it is possible to carry enough kit for an overnight or two if you use B&Bs. There are some great routes in the UK. Check out the Sustrans web site for ideas.
Ride an Audax event, just remember that they will be friendly, you’ll get a brew, cake and maybe a meal, they but won’t be that impressed with your weekly 80-mile club ride. Their holy grail is the 1200km Paris Breast Paris Ride, now there’s a challenge!
You could set up a club challenge, can you collectively ride to the moon and back during June, or perhaps accumulate the distance to somewhere slightly closer?

I could go on, but I’m sure you’re getting the picture, we want you to challenge yourself, impress your friends and family enough to get their wallets open and for you to have fun.

Please give it a thought, enter today at www.foundationrides.co.uk. Go on, step out of your comfort zone and change a life.

PS, one benefit for someone who’s been cycling for ages is that a venture into a new branch of cycling give you an excuse to go shopping.