Rides for Business


Workplace and Businesses
So we are three weeks away from the start of the Foundation Rides 2019 what does it mean for businesses and how can you get involved at work?

For a company having a happy, healthy workforce is good for the bottom line.  Community involvement raises your profile and a healthy CSR commitment can score highly in tenders.

Here’s some benefits of getting involved:

Free up parking spaces if people cycle to work
Exercise alleviates workplace stress
Employees engagement can be enhanced through involvement
Team development as a result of a focus on doing good
Use the opportunity to get publicity in local and trade press
Where ‘green’ credentials are concerned actions speak loader than words.

Get working on it

So, get together, join in set some exciting goals and make some money to help less fortunate youngsters. Most of all have fun. Enter at www.foundationrides.co.uk

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