Family & Human Development

Clients statewide are provided with research-based programs that address parenting, childcare, family economic stability, aging, consumer education, and change and stress. Programs in this area will strengthen the capacity of families to nurture, support and guide their members throughout their lives. Currently, the Southern University Agricultural Research and Extension Center (SUAREC) has targeted many Louisiana families to provide research based data and classes that focus on helping them improve their quality of life. This quality of life suggests that as an educational entity, the family and human development unit provide families with the knowledge and skills to become self-sufficient.

Moving families to a level of independence requires them to learn how to develop relationships, skills in resource management, maintain healthy lifestyles, child development, and build on family strengths. Class sessions are designed for families, at risk children and adolescents, and those clients that interested in improving workforce skills.

Often times, a lack of knowledge and skills prevent individuals from improving their family life and skills that allow them to nurture the growth and development of children in the home and community. To assure that all groups receive the knowledge and skills, it was essential to train faculty, program staff and volunteers to ensure effective and efficient delivery of programs and services.

The Family and Human Development Unit provide parenting and self-sufficiency classes in parishes across the State of Louisiana.

Programs managed within the department include:

Parents Preparing for Success
Full Circle of Parenting
Child Care
Family Resource Management
Second Chance 2 Recover
Emergency Preparedness

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